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1. Techno

  • Published: 2013-11-21T11:34:06+00:00
  • Duration: 155
  • By Kain X Theory

Download here: Techno is a collection of 24 technology icons designed and animated entirely in After Effects using shapes. You can use any or all of these elements in your own personal or commercial projects. The collection is available only on Videohive and a single-use license can be purchased for the price of about ten pounds of twizlers. Follow me on:

2. The Wombats 'Techno Fan'

  • Published: 2011-07-06T09:00:27+00:00
  • Duration: 238
  • By Memo Akten
The Wombats 'Techno Fan'

Worked with the Found Collective on this Wombats music video. I designed and developed software (using C++ / openframeworks / opencv) to process live footage of the band. All images seen above are generated from this software. CREDITS: Barney Steel - Director / Compositing / Post Raoul Paulet - Compositing / Post Memo Akten - Software development more info at stills at

3. Nancy Pelosi Techno Chicken

Nancy Pelosi Techno Chicken

The 2008 Democratic National Convention turned into a Rave on Monday with Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, leading the way with her Techno Chicken dance! This video was start to finish in about 3 hours. Wreck and Salvage is helping Remix America cover the Democratic National Convention by providing up-to-date speed remixes of some of the shit going down.


  • Published: 2013-08-06T14:13:29+00:00
  • Duration: 10

This piece is part of the branding we made for the Spanish music channel SOL MUSICA. You can watch the reel here: And you can watch lots of sketches, boards, concepts, storyboards and many more here!: Stay tunned for more!

5. Techno

  • Published: 2008-12-19T14:08:09+00:00
  • Duration: 234
  • By opus3


6. WE CALL IT TECHNO! (German Version)

WE CALL IT TECHNO! (German Version)

A film by Maren Sextro & Holger Wick WE CALL IT TECHNO! A documentary about Germany’s early Techno scene and culture. Inspiriert durch neue Klänge, neue Technologien und die politischen Ereignisse der Zeit entsteht Anfang der 90er Jahre in Deutschland eine Szene, die euphorisch den Beginn einer neuen Zeit feiert. In Berlin, Frankfurt und auch in vielen anderen Städten Deutschlands basteln die Aktivisten an einer neuen Musik- und Clubkultur rund um die Koordinaten Techno und House. Auf der Berliner Loveparade 1991 treffen die lokalen Szenen erstmals aufeinander. Der Trend gerät zur Bewegung. Ein deutscher Summer of Love, der schlagartig Lebensläufe ändert und Karrieren loskickt. Das „Prinzip Techno“ steht für Experimentieren, Grenzüberschreitung und Selbermachen. Aus Fans werden DJs oder Party-Veranstalter. Labels werden gegründet, Plattenläden eröffnet. Die Szene wächst. Eine eigene Welt entsteht. Netzwerke abseits der etablierten Strukturen werden gespannt. Für einen Moment lang scheint alles möglich… WE CALL IT TECHNO! erzählt von der heftigen Entstehungsphase der ersten Popkultur, die maßgeblich in Deutschland entstanden ist. Mit exklusiven Interviews und umfangreichem, weitgehend unveröffentlichtem Film- und Fotomaterial aus den Jahren 1988-1994!

 Inkl. Kommentaren von Ata, Cosmic Baby, Mijk van Dijk, Elsa for Toys, Hell, Mike Ink., Jürgen Laarmann, Mark Reeder, Tanith, Triple R, Upstart, Sven Väth, Wolle XDP und vielen anderen.

7. Techno Sport Watches TV Spot

Techno Sport Watches TV Spot

Art Direction: Roberto Chriqui / Sergio Moreno Design and Animation: Roberto Chriqui 3D Modelig: Omar Tavera Lighting and Texturing: Roberto Chriqui Music: Raise Your Weapon - Madeon Extended Remix NOT FOR COMERCIAL USE, ONLY FOR REEL SHOWCASE



"They call me Grandma Techno and take hundreds of pics of us together. They give me hugs and "candy," the beaded bracelets they make themselves. They clear a path so my mobility scooter and I can get up to the front of the jam-packed stages, parting the crowds like the Red Sea". Patricia Lay-Dorsey Video of Grandma Techno AKA Patricia Lay-Dorsey created by Clarence Johnson Productions using original footage taken at the 2012 Detroit Movement electronic music festival (Paxahau Productions).

9. 5 years Arma17 - Techno Organ

  • Published: 2013-06-18T18:18:27+00:00
  • Duration: 161
5 years Arma17 - Techno Organ

Place: Moscow, Arma 17 Date: 13 april 2013 Producers: Alex Rozov, Alexander Us Concept: Alexander Us, Pavel Paratov Art director: Pavel Paratov Illustration: Ilya Balakin Supervisor: Oleg Barankin Animation: Roman Vyshivanov, Konstantin Shun, Nastya Chamkina, Artur Zhamaletdinov, Al Medvedsky, Andrey Korovkin, Alexey Pavlov, Pavel Paratov Technical mapping director: Dima Napolnov VJ: Denis Akopov, Alexander Tolstikov Project managers: Konstantin Tolstikov, Natalya Selivanova SilaSveta Projectors: Technical manager: Ruslan Nasibullov Technical specialist: Sergey Zakharov Intro sound design: Vitaly Zhuravel Music: Minilogue - 33000 Honeybees Filming crew: Nikita Belous, Artem Kruglyak Edit by: Nikita Belous

10. Techno Naturology

Techno Naturology

Techno-Naturology is Elaine’s latest discovery in the relationship between natural formations and technology design. Techno-Naturology is the use of artificial technology to activate and simulate natural reactions. The concept of ‘Naturology’ tectonic motion is not only about mimicing the behaviour of nature, but also a means of evoking natural movement within an urban landscape. With this design philosophy Elaine enhances the fluidity and functional responsiveness of architecture, creating harmony within our urban environment. ‘Naturology’ is a hybrid word that combines nature and technology. Techno ‘Naturology’ means using artificial technology to activate and stimulate nature’s technology in order to create tectonic movement. The word tectonic might be associated with geographic movement; but within the context of techno ‘Naturology’ the definition of tectonic is when the behaviour of nature subtly weaves back into the urban landscape. The movement of the textile becomes an exchange between the urban space and its environment, rThis project aims to explore the function of and symbiotic relationship between shape memory alloy/polymers and the natural sensing system of wood. The intrinsic qualities of natural and artificial materials are investigated using the hybrid tectonic system to challenge preconceived limitations and increase the potential of textiles. Nature’s endlessly evolving patterns - environmentally responsive tectonic structures - can be studied so that the design can both mimic and create new structures. This investigation explores the potential of nature’s sensing system with the characteristics of shape memory alloy/polymers to create functional responsive structures and surfaces, and considers how the current construction system can be improved to suit a future, more efficient way of living.esulting in architectonic movement. The vision of ‘Naturology’ tectonic movement is not just about mimicing the behaviour of nature but adding a sense of fluidity and functional responsiveness to the architecture, facilitating it to complement and harmonise with its environment. Techno ‘Naturology’ has developed into two scenarios and both capture the relationship of natural movements within time, seasonal change and atmospheric conditions, which refer to a constant state of flux: -Seasonal Dreamland Architectural Conceptual Collection -Alive Furnishing Collection.

11. We Are Techno

  • Published: 2015-01-22T14:43:26+00:00
  • Duration: 97
  • By kommak
We Are Techno

Homage to techno music scene. Exploring the deep and dark environment that surrounds techno music, I wanted to put together the most influential techno labels from its debuts to now. Music: D. Carbone - Discernment [Mord 011]


  • Published: 2010-11-16T14:22:31+00:00
  • Duration: 112
  • By OMGITM™

13. Toyota Corolla "Techno Trip"

Toyota Corolla

IF Director Karin Fong drives the point home in this latest Toyota Corolla spot. The project used live action and animation to showcase the point that technology improves safety and experience in the 2016 Corolla. Technology is a wondrous, living thing. It helps us, guides us, and captivates us. To capture this spirit Fong used energetic, fast-paced imagery to take us inside the world of the all-new, technologically enhanced Toyota Corolla. This is how you make a car commercial look cool.



A quick look into the free Resolume comp I've put together. It's audio reactive, has FX built in and best of all its 99.99% made inside Resolume Avenue (crosses.png is included in the link). It's flexible enough to keep it simple or get as glitchy and chaotic as you like. Please feel free to share it around and as always would love to see it used in your shows! Grab it while it's hot?

15. Mirage Festival #4 - Techno Fiction

Mirage Festival #4 - Techno Fiction

Art, innovation et cultures numériques 2 — 6 mars 2016 Lyon


  • Published: 2015-04-24T00:25:13+00:00
  • Duration: 137
  • By Tiptop Film
SURGEON - TECHNO BLUSH Artist: SURGEON Title: TECHNO BLUSH Title Album: Tiptop Audio Various Artists 001 Directed by: Jacopo Cosmelli, Luca Ruggeri, Lorenzo Pantani Release Date: 27.04.2015 Label: Tiptop Audio Records CAT NR.: TTAR001 Genre: Techno

17. Amazing Grace Techno - Computer Controlled Christmas Lights

Amazing Grace Techno - Computer Controlled Christmas Lights

I shot this video in the morning right before sunrise so it has some nice ambient lighting. This is my 2007 Christmas Display with 45,000 lights and 176 channels of computer control. Visit for more info.

18. Detroit Techno City Documentary

  • Published: 2011-06-21T11:33:39+00:00
  • Duration: 2059
  • By Rave Channel



Beatgraphica VJ clip "TECHNO WIRE MIX" --- // Cheetah3D v5.6+AfferEffects // Created by ino;graphica // DJ mix by MAYURI

20. A story about techno

  • Published: 2007-07-13T11:15:27+00:00
  • Duration: 120
  • By Yann Seznec
A story about techno

A short story about the first time my friend Jon heard techno music. Aurelia and I built a whole world in the basement with trees and mountains and then drove a little car around it!