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More info, photos, interviews and behind the scenes on A study of human interaction expressed through movement and sound. FALLING is the result of a painstaking combination of digital visual effects, choreography and electroacoustic music. Directed, Edited and Animated by Adriano Cirulli. Music by Antonino Chiaramonte. Cinematography by Francesco Di Giacomo. 1st Prize Art Lab Award at Festival Internazionale del Cinema D'Arte 2012. Best Experimental Film at Wimbledon Shorts Film Festival 2011. IMDb page: Contact: [email protected] SCREENINGS: Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria - 10 September 2016. Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora, Syros, Greece - 24-27 September 2015. Totem Arti Festival, Ferrara, Italy - 12-15 June 2014. Portsmouth Short Film Night, NH, USA - 29 May 2014. Next Dance Cinema - Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, USA - 9-10 December 2013. Danza Xixon, Gijon, Spain - 22-24 October 2013. Incubate, Tilburg, The Netherlands - 16-22 September 2013. MovingWalls, Ferrara, Italy - 7 September 2013. [email protected], Gateway Film Center, Columbus, USA - 4 April 2013. Brighton Photo Fringe, The Old Market, Brighton, UK - 6 October-18 November 2012. Oklahoma Dance Film Festival, USA - 3-4 November 2012. Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville, NY, USA - 21-27 September 2012. Cinedanse Montreal, Canada - 20-23 September 2012. ICMC 2012, Institute for Sonic Arts Research, Ljubljana, Slovenia - 9-15 September 2012. Incubate, Tilburg, The Netherlands - 9 September 2012. Festival Internazionale del Cinema D'Arte, Bergamo, Italy - 14-21 July 2012. In The Palace International Short Film Festival, Varna, Bulgaria - 29 June-7 July 2012. Dance Camera West, LACMA, Los Angeles, USA - 28 June 2012. Arcipelago Film Festival, Rome, Italy - 15-22 June 2012. L’Hybride, Lille, France - 9 June 2012. ACT Festival (as part of Cinedans On Tour 2012) - Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain - 31 May-3 June 2012. DI_Stanze - International Festival of Sonic Arts, Catania, Italy - 23-26 May 2012. Athens Video Art Festival, Greece - 18-20 May 2012. Leicester International Dance Festival, UK - 12-27 May 2012. Segnali - Rassegna di Arti Audiovisive e Performance, Perugia, Italy - 7-9 May 2012. Mediawave International Film and Music Festival, Gyor, Hungary - 26-30 April 2012. Mecal Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain - 15 April 2012. ECU - European Independent Film Festival, Paris, France - 30 March-1 April 2012. Go Short International Short Film Festival, Nijmegen, The Netherlands - 14-18 March 2012. Sala Rekalde, Bilbao, Spain - 14 March 2012. Mumbai International Film Festival, India - 3-9 February 2012. Dance on Camera Festival, New York, USA - 27-31 January 2012. London Short Film Festival, UK - 6-15 January 2012. Cinedans, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 1-4 December 2011. VideoDanzaBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 22-27 November 2011. Mostra Invideo, Milano, Italy - 16-20 November 2011. Dance:Film 11, Edinburgh, UK - 12-19 November 2011. Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany - 8-13 November 2011. Festival Europeen du Film Court de Brest, France - 8-13 November 2011. Bolzano Short Film Festival, Italy - 8-12 November 2011. Leeds International Film Festival, UK - 3-20 November 2011. Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK - 3-6 November 2011. Cinetoro Film Festival, Toro Valle, Colombia - 2-7 November 2011. Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, Brazil - 28 October-6 November 2011. Cinemed, Montpellier, France - 21-29 October 2011. Festival International du Court Metrage, Lille, France - 19 and 24 October 2011. Paris Courts Devant, France - 13-16 October 2011. Ozu Film Festival, Modena, Italy - 13-16 October 2011. VAD International Video and Digital Arts Festival, Girona, Spain - 6-15 October 2011. Message to Man International Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia - 24 September 2011. Split Film Festival, Croatia - 10-17 September 2011. Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil - 27-30 August 2011. Kilburn Film Festival, Tricycle Cinema, London, UK - 9 July 2011. Cannes Lions: Part of a 4-Screen Installation for The Mill, France - 19-25 June 2011. Wimbledon Shorts Film Festival, London, UK - 18 June 2011. Toronto CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Canada - 3 June 2011. 57th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany - 7 May 2011. Aspen Shortsfest, USA - 7 April 2011.

2. Gravity: A Falling Montage

Gravity: A Falling Montage

A collection of memorable falling scenes in cinema and TV. Music: "In The House, In A Heartbeat", by John Murphy, from the soundtrack to "28 Days Later" Buy from Amazon: MOVIES: 00:01 - Vertigo 00:11 - Constantine 00:15 - Bram Stoker's Dracula 00:17 - Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall (TV) 00:19 - Magnolia 00:21 - Dark Shadows 00:28 - Legend 00:31 - The Hudsucker Proxy 00:38 - City of Angels 00:40 - Forrest Gump 00:43 - The Game 00:45 - Fearless 00:48 - Vertigo 00:54 - Blade Runner 00:56 - Vanilla Sky 00:58 - The Grey 01:01 - Cliffhanger 01:03 - Backdraft 01:05 - Thor 01:09 - The Lost Boys 01:13 - The Omen 01:15 - Psycho 01:19 - Inception 01:20 - Batman Returns 01:22 - Alice in Wonderland 01:25 - The Matrix Reloaded 01:29 - Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned (TV) 01:32 - Cliffhanger 01:34 - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 01:35 - Die Hard 01:37 - Masters of the Universe 01:38 - The Untouchables 01:45 - Watchmen 01:48 - The Fifth Element 01:51 - The Lion King 01:53 - Aliens 01:57 - Resident Evil: Afterlife 02:00 - The Happening 02:04 - The Living Daylights 02:06 - The Quantum of Solace 02:09 - Star Trek 02:10 - Iron Man 02:13 - The Cell 02:16 - The Return of the Jedi 02:18 - Empire Strikes Back 02:20 - Batman 02:22 - The Dark Knight 02:23 - The Hudsucker Proxy 02:24 - Vanilla Sky 02:25 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 02:26 - The Hudsucker Proxy 02:27 - City of Angels 02:29 - Fellowship of the Ring 02:38 - City of Angels 02:43 - King Kong 02:45 - Superman Returns 02:47 - The Game 02:51 - Crank 02:55 - The Return of the King 02:59 - Alien 3 03:02 - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

3. Falling Tide 落潮

  • Published: 2016-04-17T20:13:12+00:00
  • Duration: 238
  • By Ning Cheng
Falling Tide 落潮

Here is my new film, I hope you will like it! Watch other films made by my talented classmates! -->

4. Falling - Venture Bros

  • Published: 2016-02-29T17:02:51+00:00
  • Duration: 19
  • By Golden Wolf
Falling - Venture Bros

Ever had one of those dreams where you're falling? The latest instalment of our series of IDs for Adult Swim's longest running series, Venture Bros! Credits coming soon

5. The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling

  • Published: 2011-12-08T01:48:25+00:00
  • Duration: 268
  • By Joseph Wallace
The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling

"Ivor’s life is turned upside down after a falling plant pot sparks a series of paranoid reactions." Graduation film from Newport Film School. Created in eight months. Shot with a Canon 5D and DragonFrame. Almost everything made from cardboard. Making of: Credits: Written, designed and directed by Joseph Wallace Music Kit Wilson ( Sound Jack Vaughan ( Model making Emma-Rose Dade, Joseph Wallace, Sinead Oram ( Puppet costume James Hadrill ( Animation Joseph Wallace Director of photography and assistant animation Emma-Rose Dade ( Drawn animation Gemma Roberts ( Compositing Lewys Hobden, Emma-Rose Dade ( Nominations: Nominated for a BAFTA Cymru in 'Short Form and Animation', shortlisted for the 'McLaren Award for New British Animation' at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012, shortlisted for the British Animation Awards 2012, nominated for 'Best Animation', British Student Film Festival 2012, nominated for 'Best Animation' and 'Best Soundtrack', Watersprite Festival 2012, nominated for 'Best Animation', 'Best Soundtrack' and 'Best Screenplay', Once Voice Festival 2012, shortlisted for 'Best Animation' and 'Best UK Graduate Animation', Ffresh Festival 2012. Awards: Winner 'Best Animation', One Voice Festival 2012, 2nd Prize Royal Television Society Student Animation Award, Winner of 'Best Up-and-Coming Talent Award 2011' Canterbury Anifest and winner of 'Best Film' Newport Animation Awards 2011. Screenings: Materia Magica Lėlių Teatro Festivalis, Lithuania, 2017 ¡Stop Motion, Sí!, CCCB, Barcelona, May 2014 Animac Mostra Internacional de Cinema d'Animacio, Feb 2014 Play - Lisbon's Children and Youth Film Festival, Feb 2014 Beirut Animated, Lebanon, Jun 2013 Two Short Nights Festival, Exeter, Nov 2012 Bang! Short Film Festival, Nottingham, Nov 2012 London Animation Club, London, Nov 2012 Show Me the Animation, Bristol, Oct 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland, Jul 2012 Let's Keep it Short, London, Jun 2012 Festival Internacional de Curtmetratges Mas Sorrer, Spain, Jul 2012 Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany, May 2012 China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, China, Apr 2012 British Student Film Festival, UK: London, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle, Apr 2012 Various locations across the UK on BBC Big Screens, 2012 Anirmau, Spain, Apr 2012 Be There, Greece, Apr 2012 Monstra, Portugal, Mar 2012 Flatpack Festival, UK, Mar 2012 Athens Animfest, Greece, Mar 2012 Watersprite Festival, UK, Feb 2012 Animated Exeter, UK, Feb 2012 One Voice Festival, UK, Feb 2012 Ffresh Festival, UK, Feb 2012 CineMe: Animation Showcase, UK, Dec 2011 Encounters International Short Film Festival, UK, Nov 2011 Animated Dreams, Estonia, Nov 2011 Bradford Animation Festival, UK, Nov 2011 Flip Animation Festival, UK, Oct 2011 BanjaLuka, Bosnia, Oct 2011 Canterbury Anifest, UK, September 2011 Se-Ma-For Film Festival, Poland, September 2011 CineMe: Animation Showcase, UK, September 2011 Bristol Festival of Puppetry, UK, August 2011 Show Me The Animation: Bristol Festival of Puppetry edition, UK, August 2011 CineMe: Short Film Showcase, UK, July 2011 Show Me The Animation: New Talent Showcase, UK, July 2011 Bluescreen at The Cube Cinema, UK, July 2011 Animation Newport 2011 Industry showcase, UK, June 2011

6. falling pearls

  • Published: 2012-04-15T12:32:23+00:00
  • Duration: 175
  • By Vitùc
falling pearls

Impressions of a rainy day. (Italy, Friuli) Shot handheld with Canon 5d2 / 50 mm f.1.2 Wonderful music by my friend David Ianni

7. Post-Producing FALLING

Post-Producing FALLING

Sharing a bit of the design process behind the short film FALLING.


  • Published: 2015-12-17T10:41:53+00:00
  • Duration: 111
  • By A SCENE

Scene no 5 from A SCENE Dir By: Sebastian Reed DOP: Mattias Rudh Production Co: Camp David Film

9. positioning systems I - falling objects

  • Published: 2011-05-31T23:18:36+00:00
  • Duration: 117
  • By pe lang
positioning systems I - falling objects

pe lang - positioning systems I | falling objects 441 Water drops (ø3,3mm) arranged on omniphobic material, Loop: ~ 300min, Size: 370 x 330 mm, Year: 2009-11, Edition: Unique Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, 2011 Falling objects - positioning systems from 2009-2011 is an custom made machine that adds drops of water onto a special textured surface. Each drop forms into an almost perfect sphere through the surface tension of the water and the omniphopic Material. The electronically controlled pipette wanders through a square grid of 21 x 21 drops to form a micro-matrix and returns to the beginning. After approximately 300 minutes, and when the water drops have evaporated, the same process starts again.

10. Falling

  • Published: 2014-02-03T06:02:14+00:00
  • Duration: 160
  • By Richard Munaba

2:39 Video collage exploring the feelings between adrenaline and relaxation, holding onto something and letting go.

11. HAIM 'Falling'

HAIM 'Falling'

We shot this between the boulders of Switzer Falls and the all year round tropics of the Arboretum in LA (location of Destiny's Child's Survivor video) *No fish were harmed in the making of this film.

12. Free Falling

  • Published: 2010-03-08T10:25:08+00:00
  • Duration: 119
  • By Maria Bowskill
Free Falling

I think I am getting there with this............. Thank you to Rayna for dangling for me :) Post Production. Here's How it's created, the best way I know how to tell you all. :) You'll need adobe photoshop and adobe after effect cs3 or later step one get into photoshop and open the pic you want to make 3d. duplicate the later. then hide the org layer. back to your showing layer...mask out everything but the subject that will be the foreground part of the the person. I generally do it the long way with the eraser and go round the person, till all you have left is the person, delete everything else in that it as a psd can delete that layer now. you can repeat this again if there is something eles from the orig shot you want even further in the a wall that is closer to the camera then the main subject....or we can go onto the next step back in the orig layer, you might want to duplicate again incase you make a mighty mess of it. get the clone stamp tool and basically erase the main subject ( and other subject you might have made a layer of if you are doing more than one) clone stamp your heart out and make it look like that main subject was never there.....once happy save that layer as a psd and lets go into after effects. create a new comp....usually between 5 and 10 seconds long, make it a nice hd comp. bring in your two (or three) files and resize them so they are slightly larger than the comp. make these layers 3d. on the main subject layer, pull it closer to on the x axis. add a camera. i use 35mm. click position on the camera at the start of the timeline....then using the orbit tool position your shot as to where you would like it to start.......move to the end of the timeline, and readjust using the orbit tool as to where you would like it to might want to F9 your keyframes for a smoother transition. for an added bonus if your subject is a person and they have an arm extended or something similar, you can go back to the start of the time line and use the puppet tool, add a couple of points like at the elbow and wrist, then move to the end of the timeline and move the wrist point a little, or as much as you want, this gives a nice illusin of using a very high frame rate and slowing it down. then it's all about colour correction or any other effects you might want to add to make it look nice... Inspired by Magnus Engsfors video "suddenly"

13. Form One - Falling Down

Form One - Falling Down

Directed and shot by Tobias Martinsson, Assistant and still photography by Marcus Bergman. Shot with Sony EX1 with Letus Extreme and Nikon D90. A breakdown can be found here:

14. Falling

  • Published: 2011-11-01T05:38:48+00:00
  • Duration: 90
  • By Kyle McDonald

More falling studies. The graphics are aliased, so the best way to watch this is fullscreen without scaling. The music is "Algae and Fungi" by Biosphere.

15. Falling (2006) SHORT FILM

  • Published: 2010-04-09T18:22:08+00:00
  • Duration: 312
  • By Wandering Eye
Falling (2006) SHORT FILM

FALLING is a short film Ayelen Liberona directed, choreographed and performed while hanging from a tree. This is the first part in a tetralogy about our relationship with nature... ----------------------------------------- Becoming (2009) is the second film in this series... ----------------------------------------- WATCH our NEW short documentary, KEEPERS OF THE WATER, a story about the most environmentally polluting industrial project in the world, the Alberta Tar Sands, and the children who had the audacity to stand up against it... ----------------------------------------- WATCH all our work for free here...

16. HAIM - Falling

HAIM - Falling

Director Tabitha Denholm

17. Simulation of falling grapes

  • Published: 2017-01-17T12:58:52+00:00
  • Duration: 7
  • By Daniel
Simulation of falling grapes

Short animation created by RIOdepost. I was responsible for texturing, shading, scene setup and rendering. Soft: Cinema 4d, Houdini, Octane. - render time: 15min per frame (2x980ti) - 6k sampling. - grapes simulation: FEM solver - 1,5h simulation time - water simulation: 5 mln particles - 4h simulation time - custom crown splash force - custom surface tension - meshed using VDB's - 1,5h - custom water droplets wet map

18. Falling

  • Published: 2017-05-09T07:55:22+00:00
  • Duration: 6
  • By Taehoon Park

This is an simple experimental work.

19. Falling for Myanmar (Burma)

  • Published: 2014-03-29T00:47:28+00:00
  • Duration: 311
  • By C+S
Falling for Myanmar (Burma)

Whether soaring over 2,000 pagodas at sunrise in Bagan, boating through Inle Lake's floating fishing villages, or simply interacting with the locals, you quickly realize Myanmar is a true gem. Armed with a couple of Canons and overpriced lenses, we shot this during our 9 day adventure in Myanmar. We've never met a kinder, more hospitable people in our lives. Hope you like, C+S Song is "Dirty Paws" by Of Monsters of Men.

20. Ground falling down - Houdini RBD Test

  • Published: 2012-04-12T16:56:45+00:00
  • Duration: 17
  • By Nutlet
Ground falling down -  Houdini RBD Test

personal project. After a few tests, i find a way to create the "falling down" effects with houdini RBD. I build curves to guide the RBD to fall so the timing is easy to control. Bad render result...