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1. Behind the scenes studio setup

Behind the scenes studio setup

Setting up for a 4K video shoot at Pie in the Sky studio in Toronto. 4 man crew: director, director of photography, gaffer, key grip.

2. This Is How We Print

  • Published: 2014-10-13T18:56:07+00:00
  • Duration: 95
  • By Pahnl
This Is How We Print

...the making of a screen print. We set ourselves up with screen printing gear four months ago and we have been wrestling with it ever since. This is the very, very first edition of prints we pulled on the setup in the studio. This is a frisky, dirty behind-the-scenes look at the process! For more details visit See more at

3. Beauty Photoshoot Tutorial

Beauty Photoshoot Tutorial

Behind the scenes from a Beauty Photoshoot, explaining the lighting setup and step-by-step process in getting the results. Using Profoto Lights and Hasselblad H4D-50 Medium format digital camera. Photographer and Instructor: Kashif Joosub Location: Light House Studio in Dubai

4. Fons Schiedon - In A Forest

Fons Schiedon - In A Forest

The fantabulous three-minute animated thriller opens with an exciting pursuit through a forest that ends in... not a forest. A film about believing in an illusion... Directed by Fons Schiedon ( and produced by, In A Forest is part of a very cool, ongoing initiative by the Netherlands Film Fund, that aims to reintroduce short films back into cinemas. Usually, we like to give you a little behind-the-scenes feature on our productions, but in this case, the behind-the-scenes is rather uninteresting, because –insert spoiler alert here– it is part of the actual film. Fons did share with us that "strange and mysterious events" happened during production... “Bram came to Berlin to work on the sound design. We were both living in a sort of twilight zone state, caused by sleep deprivation, as we worked towards the deadline. We recorded sounds in an actual forest in the dead of night –it was pitch dark– in a sort of method sound-recording style. Rolling in the bushes and all. "Then we ran into a strange dude who played an out-of-tune trombone and looked like Jimi Hendrix. He wore a T-shirt with Hercules on it. This guy provided us with some of the sounds for the beast in the film, but didn't want anything for it. "Then, on our way to Amsterdam to mix the sound, the oil reservoir in Bram's Volvo exploded. The car was a total loss. After it was towed by the German breakdown service, we continued in a rental. The whole experience was in such stark contrast to the otherwise super smooth production process of the animation. For me, it was like a breath of fresh air to end in total chaos. I think it gave the film just that bit of edge that it needed." P.S. Mr. Fons Schiedon will be unleashing his inner comedian-presenter as the host of our Motion Design Fest in Amsterdam on 8th November 2013: Credits: A film by Fons Schiedon Music and Sound Design by Bram Meindersma Animation Production Services: Birdo Studio Produced by, Femke Wolting and Bruno Felix Animation Direction: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet Animation: Antonio Linhares, Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet Character Modelling: Luciana Eguti, Guilherme Pace Character Setup: Guilherme Pace Character Texturing and Shading: Luciana Eguti Production: Anne Buiter, Fabie Hulsebos Directed and Designed by Fons Schiedon Compositing, Editing: Fons Schiedon Mix: Warnier Studio, Arno Willemstijn Special Thanks to: Pearl Brilmyer, David O Reilly, Arturio Martinez-Steele, Rebekka Ladewig, Luis "Guaia Guaia", Stefan Minning's "Normality" This Film was supported by The Netherlands Film Fund and PATHÉ

5. - iPhone Fashion Shoot - iPhone Fashion Shoot

Here is a look behind the scenes of our iPhone 4 Fashion Shoot inspired by Lee Morris @ We spent an hour or so messing around in the studio with the iPhone 4 and the lights we had with us. The ring flash effect was created using an LED Video Ring Light, and while the quality is a way of the pictures taken in the same setup with the 5D Mk II and the Profoto gear, overall it's amazing that you can have a camera so good in your phone! You'll also see that we were experimenting with an iPad application called SutterSnitch which allows WiFi teathering of the Mk II via the WiFi grip directly to the iPad. This proved to be very useful to the makeup artist who was able to spot when touch ups were needed etc... It was also very nice to get instant previews on something bigger than the back of the camera. Checkout my blog at for full info soon... Keep an eye on for more cool videos from Stef very soon...

6. Underwater Bubbles Trailer & Intro Movie

Underwater Bubbles Trailer & Intro Movie

Underwater Bubbles Tutorial is a really beautiful visual effect that can be created using Maxon Cinema 4D & the brilliant X-Particles plugin by Insydium ( ). With over 4 hours of video content I explain some of the methods and techniques behind creating this fantastic bubble effect. This tutorial is aimed at beginners to mid level users. If you kindly decide to buy the videos or you have already purchased the tutorial please can you forward me your Vimeo On Demand receipt of payment email to [email protected] for confirmation of your order and I will send over the Bonus material as soon as possible. The bonus material will be all my scene files for the project and some of the quicktime movies that you will see in the tutorial. You will receive a download link to over 25 scene files including the final project setups that you see in the Trailer above. The best way to learn any technique is not only to watch and listen but to delve into the project files themselves and have a play around. You will have loads of fun adapting them and making your own creations which hopefully you will share the results with me once you're finished. #C4DVFX or @C4DVFX Chapter 1: Setting up the stone drop sequence: Includes: Basic project setup, View port configuration, creating the rock geometry, displace deformer, Faking water volume using dynamics simulation and particle effectors, caching dynamics and basic camera setup. Chapter 2: X-Particles & Gaseous Simulations: XP Domain, Gaseous Sim, Physical modifier, Emitter, Groups, Domain Resolutions, Particle Per Voxels explanation, spawning, using heat emissions, modifiers, motion inheritance, caching particles and more..... Chapter 3: Skinning the Simulation: xpSkinner object, mesh types, settings for smoothing, applying groups, generators, displace deformers and atmospheric bubbles...... Chapter 4: Shaders, lighting, environments and rendering: Looking at different refraction indexes, creating chromatic effects, specular, internal reflections, black & white environments, rendering in Standard C4D renderer to get the final sequences. Chapter 5: Custom bubble shapes and motion: Creating geometry shapes including text, controlling emitters through textures, animating objects, adapting existing setups, discussions on xpDomain size and efficiency in my scenes, xpDomain Tags and finally looking at a basic composite of a 3D bubble render in After Effects to achieve a similar look to the trailer. I hope you enjoy the videos and using the scene files. All the best Justin Bates Please note that the Cinema 4D files have been created using R14 Studio & X-Particles v3. Unfortunately you will not have the cache files as they are over 10GB in size. Please cache the X-particle simulations once you received them to your own machine for easy play back in the viewport. Files will be sent as soon as possible however due to time difference in other countries and administration procedures please be patient. I'll get them to you as soon as I can :) Thank you.

7. Akwasi - O.N.Z.I.N. (Making Of / Behind the Scenes)

Akwasi - O.N.Z.I.N. (Making Of / Behind the Scenes)

Making of / Behind the scenes of music video Akwasi - O.N.Z.I.N. Watch the final result here: Directed by Stephan van den Brink Filmed by Thijs Molenaar - The VideoMatic Editing & Color Grading: Laurens Roorda - The VideoMatic Post Production: Stephan van den Brink Animation: Jordi Klepper & Stephan van den Brink Setup Projections / Beamers: Set Assistant: Jordi Klepper Styling: Alexandra Vilcov Production: Wendy De Vries & Ahisha Echteld Set Photography: Bradley Langguth Thanks to: Theater de Meervaart & Studio West O.N.Z.I.N. is produced Drummakid & Esco. Akwasi’s debutalbum 'Daar Ergens' is in stores now.

8. lens pro to go | meet the family

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  • Duration: 178
  • By stillmotion
lens pro to go | meet the family

we first met the lens pro to go team just over a year ago while we were shooting for "The NFL SEASON: A Biography" we'd be flying in and out of different cities with multiple crews each week, and having the gear we needed readily available wasn't always a possibility. without the support and gear selection from the LPTG team it would've been nearly impossible to bring our concepts to life. what was amazing to us wasn't the fact that they had all the gear we needed, but it was so much more about the relationships that formed and how much of a resource they became when we needed suggestions for kits or were stuck in a bind. i remember a shoot where i was traveling from toronto on friday to seattle for a seahawks game saturday night. the gear we ordered actually made it to the hotel before we did. when we were asked to put together a portrait of who they are as a team, we were struck with the paradoxical nature their piece; they are a lens and gear rental company, but their focus is anything but the gear. in some ways we wanted to show the process; show what happens behind the scenes, and let people into the studio. on the other hand, it wasn't about that at all. it was so much more about how they helped people, how they came together, and the energy that was created between them as a team. as we were chatting they mentioned that they often get together on a friday night with all of their families and they just hang out. for a company built on the idea of helping people through information and gear, it was the perfect backdrop to see what inspired each of them and to really show the family that is lens pro to go. you can see their site at the soundtrack is by cars and trains 'leaves' licensed through this piece was shot mostly on the MKIV with the 24 1.4/ 35 1.4/50 f1.2. we have a tutorial coming from canon on the making of this piece and the lens choices behind it. the interviews were shot with an HMI in paul's backyard right as the party started. it's one light, one tripod, and a super simple setup but i think it really effectively captures the humble and friendly nature of their team. P.

9. Photoshoot time capture: 110411

  • Published: 2011-04-12T22:22:17+00:00
  • Duration: 64
  • By Kris Elliott
Photoshoot time capture: 110411

Behind the scenes time lapse video of a recent London photoshoot with dual studio setup's.

10. Devils, Angels And Dating - Director's Cut

  • Published: 2012-10-01T20:45:46+00:00
  • Duration: 526
  • By HEROmation
Devils, Angels And Dating - Director's Cut

Studio - Director - Original version available on YouTube - AWARD WINNER - Best Animated Short Film - Burbank Film Festival AWARD WINNER - Best Animation - Indiefest AWARD WINNER - 2012 Q2 - AnimMazSpot WINNER of the ORSON WELLES AWARD at the California Film Awards Screened on the Walk of Fame, Grauman's Chinese Theater at the Holly Shorts Festival. "...all the years of hard work and effort have paid off." - 3D World Magazine Volunteer based project with ZERO budget! - Main Website Devil wants Cupid's job, but a battle for Death's affections has cosmic ramifications below the Heavens. - Exclusive Behind the Scenes Videos Directed by Michael Cawood, this computer animated short film is the work of a worldwide team of Artists and Animators. Entirely developed in the public eye online, and with no budget, it has also become a fantastic resource for Animation students and professionals alike. This extended Director's Cut adds 30 seconds of extra footage to give more time for the audience to appreciate the story setup. More information and expanded credits on the Director's website:

11. Motion Pixel Studio - Photo Shoot

  • Published: 2010-08-28T15:24:36+00:00
  • Duration: 112
  • By SteadiDrone
Motion Pixel Studio - Photo Shoot

Local photographer Justine booked a shoot in the studio today, we had a super fun session, I setup lighting and assited with the shoot also shot some behind the scenes video as well, enjoy.

12. Friends/medical video shoot June 27,2009

Friends/medical video shoot June 27,2009

Behind the scenes shot using the Canon 5D MKII and Losmandy dolly. Some photos of the studio setup Stock video production

13. 'Local Superhero' Music Video

  • Published: 2011-10-06T16:08:13+00:00
  • Duration: 211
  • By Marty Stalker
'Local Superhero' Music Video

Music Video filmed on the Canon 5D Mark II and Compact Prime Lenses. Get Local Superhero, and other tunes, FREE at Behind the scenes video, photos & blog: Blooper reel: --- Music Produced & Recorded by Window Seats. Mixed & Mastered by Neal Calderwood @ Manor Park Studio -- CREW Writer, Director and Editor - Marty Stalker Cinematography - Rick Trainor Prop & Costume - Ciaran 'Kojack' Larkin Steadicam Operator - Cathal Hegarty Visual Effects - Alan Stewart Production & Additional VFX - Window Seats CAST Denis Halligan Pádraig O'Grady Adam Gillian Trisha Tabb Patrick Millar Dermot Nelson Niall Rice Bernard Flanagan Barry Stroud -- SETUP CREW Shane Corrigan Craig Lloyd Ray O'Kane Steven Toner Stephen Leacock Jonathan Beer Michael McCullagh ADDITIONAL PROPS & COSTUME Johnny Cresswell @ The Stack, Belfast Dara McGale Chris Rafferty Brian Falconer Conor Rotherham STILLS PHOTOGRAHY Ricky McQuillan - Mike Toner BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOGRAPHER Samuel Steele - SPECIAL THANKS Pat & Patricia Larkin Laura Caughey Emma Fisher Official Website: Facebook: Myspace: Twitter: Breaking Tunes: Youtube -

14. Akwasi - O.N.Z.I.N.

Akwasi - O.N.Z.I.N.

This music video for Akwasi is about combining two of my favourite interests: art & technology. By surrounding the rapper with his own lyrics I pursued a world where he could perform in sync with the animations and become one with his own words and thoughts. The multiple layers and experimental visuals in the imagery reflects the high energy and edgy sound of the music. Directed by Stephan van den Brink Filmed by Thijs Molenaar - The VideoMatic Editing & Color Grading: Laurens Roorda - The VideoMatic Post Production: Stephan van den Brink Animation: Jordi Klepper & Stephan van den Brink Setup Projections / Beamers: Set Assistant: Jordi Klepper Styling: Alexandra Vilcov Production: Wendy De Vries & Ahisha Echteld Set Photography: Bradley Langguth Thanks to: Theater de Meervaart & Studio West Making of / Behind the scenes: Première at Dutch Film Festival: O.N.Z.I.N. is produced Drummakid & Esco. Akwasi’s debutalbum 'Daar Ergens' is in stores now.

15. How to Set Up Your Live Streaming Studio

  • Published: 2018-02-14T17:19:49+00:00
  • Duration: 4830
  • By Telestream
How to Set Up Your Live Streaming Studio

Learn what it takes to setup your own live streaming studio. We're going to take you behind the scenes during the webinar to our live streaming studio and show you exactly how we produce, stream, and publish our live broadcasts and webinars.  Comments are not moderated by Telestream.  To learn more about Wirecast, visit  If you have a support question, go to For sales inquiries, go to

16. The Shallows Shark Week for VR/360.

  • Published: 2016-07-15T19:58:39+00:00
  • Duration: 129
  • By Joe Moccia
The Shallows Shark Week for VR/360.

Here's a behind the scenes look at a CG scene I built for an interactive 360 video experience. Towards the end you can see screen capture of me viewing this in 360 and looking around as if I were the end user. This was created as part of a larger experience which tied in Sony's 'The Shallows' film release with Shark Week. In the final piece we included about 2 minutes of underwater 360 footage with a series of great whites swimming around and approaching the camera. Unfortunately I cannot upload the full experience since it contains trailer material from the film and our licensing deal to run it has expired. The CG build process is similar to any other, except the output involves a 6-camera setup. All cameras must be rendered and then stitched in AE using (for now) Mettle Skybox Studio. Art Direction/Design/3D Animation/Compositing: Joe Moccia Music Cue: Composed by Joe Moccia Credits for Actual Final Piece: Editor: Aaron Moore Producer: Gina Scarpulla Footage Stitcher/Roto: Chad Horn

17. Vincent Argentine Demo Reel 2009

Vincent Argentine Demo Reel 2009

Vincent Argentine - Demo Reel Breakdown Shot 1 – DonVito’s Equestrian Thunder (TV Series) Visual Effects Supervisor/Lead Artist -Maya, Blade, Diva, IQ, Motion Builder, Photoshop, After Effects Entire short was handled by myself from start to finish (4mins). • Full Performance Capture was shot at House of Moves using 120 Vicon MX40s, I was responsible for everything from concept to completion, including all processing of mocap data, Retargeting, Clean-Up Animation, Camera Layout, and Rendering in HD. Shot 2 – Resident Evil 5 (Video Game) Facial Motion Capture Supervisor (Studio Nouveau/Just Cause) -IQ, Diva, Blade, Motion Builder, XSI • In charge of hiring and training Motion Capture team, applying facial marker set, overseeing shoot & processing of mocap data, and applying facial data to models in XSI. Shot 3 – Call of Duty (TV Commercial) Motion Capture Artist (House of Moves) -IQ, Diva • Shot, Tracked, and Solved Facial and Body Motion Capture. Shot 4 – Target (TV Commercial) Motion Capture Artist (House of Moves) -IQ, Diva • Shot, Tracked, and Solved Facial and Body Motion Capture. Shot 5 – XMA/Fight Science (TV Series) Animator/Motion Capture Artist (House Of Moves/Base Productions) -Maya, Diva, IQ, Motion Builder • Responsible for Shooting, Tracking, and Solving Mocap Data, also Animated Fingers and Weapons for entire show. Shot 6 – Death Trip to Wisconsin (Feature Previs) Motion Capture Supervisor/Lead Artist (Just Cause Productions) -Maya, Blade, Motion Builder, Photoshop, After Effects • Stereoscopic 3D Previs for a feature length Ninjas vs. Zombies movie. Duties included Mocap Setup, Shoot, Tracking, Solving, Integration, UV Unwrap of Characters, Texturing Characters, Creating BG, Blood Particles, Lighting, and Render Layout. Shot 7 – Burning Man (Club Graphics) Motion Capture Supervisor/Lead Artist (Personal Project) -Maya, Blade, Motion Builder, Photoshop, After Effects • I modeled, textured, and rigged a 3D Burning Man, captured and applied fire spinning and break dancing data, rendered and composited together to be projected behind the DJ booth at Burning Man and local clubs. Shot 8 – Berzerk (Feature Pitch) Motion Capture Supervisor/Lead Artist (Just Cause Productions) -Maya, Blade, Motion Builder, Photoshop, After Effects • Created Facial Rig, Setup/Shot/Processed Mocap Data, Applied Mocap Data and did First Level Animation fixes. Shot 9 – Spicy Pickle (Club Graphics) Motion Capture Supervisor/Lead Artist (Personal Project) -Maya, Blade, Motion Builder, Photoshop, After Effects • I modeled, textured, and rigged a Spicy Pickle, captured and applied break dancing data, rendered and composited together to be projected behind the DJ booth at Burning Man for The Spicy Pickles Camp. Shot 10 – Land Of Life (Short Film) Writer/Director (Student Thesis) -Maya, EvArt, SiSolver, Motion Builder, Photoshop, After Effects • Final Project for The Art Institute of Los Angeles, I was responsible for everything from Script, Story Boards, Concept Design, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Mocap, Animation, Lighting, Cameras, Rending, and Music. Shot 11 – Grandma (Short Film) Animation Layout (Cyber Ploc Studios) -Maya • Final Project for The Art Institute of Los Angeles, I was responsible for compiling scenes and prepping for Animation. Shot 12 – The Auction (Short Film) Modeler / Texturer (Colossart) -Maya, Photoshop • I was responsible for Modeling and Texturing the BG and Props.

18. Practical Jean in Pictures

  • Published: 2011-10-12T03:58:43+00:00
  • Duration: 284
  • By Trevor Cole
Practical Jean in Pictures

Practical Jean is my third novel. Published by McClelland & Stewart in Canada, Harper Perennial in the United States, it was shortlisted for the Writer's Trust Award and won the 2011 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour. This video is a documentation of a project undertaken by Studio 12, a Hamilton, Ontario photography collective, to depict important scenes from the book photographically. ** Spoiler Alert: The video does contain images and scenes that will tip off certain events in the novel. If you don't want the surprises spoiled, beware! ** All of the participants, both in front of and behind the cameras, were volunteers. The force behind it all was Dundas resident Ruth Renters, who got the project rolling before she knew she would, in fact, be portraying Jean herself. Friends and other members of Studio 12 filled out the remaining cast of characters. There are 13 images in all, only some of which are shown in the video. All of them will be on display at a gallery show on Friday, October 14, 2011, at Studio 12's second floor loft at 126 James Street North, during Hamilton's monthly Art Crawl. The music, by Hamilton singer-songwriter Kori Pop, is used with permission. Of course, it’s enormously flattering that a group like Studio 12 ( ) would be inspired enough by the book to want to make scenes from it “real.” They’re great people, and I’m thrilled to be able to share their effort with you. Thanks for watching. Trevor Cole PS: For those who can't make the show tonight, Studio 12 has posted a gallery of the 13 images. Each of these took a lot of setup. And as you can tell from the video, the process was a lot of fun:

19. The SoCal Photography Group's Ultimate Shootout 8

  • Published: 2010-12-22T14:41:39+00:00
  • Duration: 186
  • By Ryan Rivera
The SoCal Photography Group's Ultimate Shootout 8

Shot more video during SCPG's Ultimate Shootout 8 at Studio J in downtown San Diego. I have to say, I'm getting addicted to shooting video. It's so much more fun now than back in the day! I remember shooting stop motion with the very first Sony BetaMax, then VHS in junior high, 8mm in college and 8mm digital. With the advent of full digital HD in a DSLR? You have the BEST of both worlds!!! I LOVE photography as well! I feel my setup does pretty well for what I do. First of all it's for fun and I would like to keep it as a hobby...for now. Maybe I need to get more structure. Take some classes or read books. Anyways, my setup goes: - Olympus E-5 with 7-14mm on a indiSLIDERmini with an Induro ball head. - Olympus PEN E-P1 with 50-200mm on an Induro tripod with a 717AH fluid head. I also used the 50mm. The slider and fluid head info I found on Edited using iMovie 09. I would like to try out FinalCut Pro and/or Adobe Premiere. iMovie has a nasty audio syncing bug. I loved it for it's simplicity and ease of use, but when you start getting fancy, it falls on it's face. I can't complain much though! These video editors are slick! I remember using Premiere 5 back in '98!!! And if you're in Southern California, join our group! The next video shows just how much fun we have! Behind the scenes video:

20. Making of - Hacoord filming GE Profile

Making of - Hacoord filming GE Profile

This is the behind the scenes of Haccord filming a training video for GE Profile. The shooting was made during 3 days and the production includes the setup of a real kitchen and various appliances from GE Profile line. Filmed with a Canon T2i (The Studio Hacoord is using a 5D MkII in a rig setup along with a Zoom H4N and a wireless receiver from Sony (lapel)). Timelapse by Magic Lantern on the T2i. Sao Paulo - Brazil. Q3 2012 Esse é o por trás das cameras da Hacoord filmando um vídeo de treinamento para GE Profile. As filmagens foram realizadas em 3 dias e a produção inclui a montagem de uma cozinha real com a maioria dos produtos da linha GE Profile. Filmado com uma Canon T2i (A produtora Hacoord usa uma Canon 5D MkII numa configuração com um Zoom H4N e um receptor sem fio Sony (lapela)). Timelapse feito com Magic Lantern na T2i. São Paulo, Brasil - 3º Trimestre de 2012 Music: Alex Beroza - Art Now downloaded from: Filmed and edited by Michell Scatena