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1. Amy Shutt Photography Video Portrait

  • Published: 2015-08-30T01:56:40+00:00
  • Duration: 90
  • By Amy Shutt
Amy Shutt Photography Video Portrait

2. Setting Up a Camera Trap with Amy Shutt

  • Published: 2018-04-03T17:29:51+00:00
  • Duration: 60
  • By Amy Shutt

3. Can't Stop Smiling - The Unexpected Pit Bull 2014 calendar!

Can't Stop Smiling - The Unexpected Pit Bull 2014 calendar!

For those who live with them, the joy and laughter they bring is EXPECTED! To those who have not yet had the honor, they are.... The Unexpected Pit Bull! We donate 100% of our net profits from sales of our calendars and other merchandise to pit bull rescue, education, and advocacy organizations in need of support. Shop for our 2014 calendar as well as other artful pit bull goods at All images are the property of our generous photographers and cannot be used without their consent. Sara Cozolino Photography, Tim Racer, Called to Wander, Natalie Markova Photography, Sparenga Photography, Amy Shutt Photography, Aleksandra Gajdeczka, B. Docktor Photography, Ruthless Photos,, Josh Feeney, Brian George

4. Amy Shutt

5. William, Mutt, Penelope

  • Published: 2009-09-21T15:00:38+00:00
  • Duration: 170
  • By Amy Shutt
William, Mutt, Penelope

Feral kittens born in May 2009. Video from September 2009. Music: Sweet Darlin' by She & Him Important Info: KITTENS NEED A HOME! William and Mutt are males and Penelope is female. I have been working to socialize them for the past couple of months and they are doing super well so far. I believe they will all make wonderful inside pets; as they all have very sweet and loving dispositions. They are scheduled (along with their feral mom cat) to be spayed/neutered through the Cat Haven Ferals program in October 2009: Then they will be ready to go to a new home! If anyone in the Baton Rouge area is interested in providing any or all of the kittens with a good home (to be kept as inside cats only please) contact me at: aubelandfils @ with 'Feral Kittens' as the subject. Spread the word! And Thanks! Amy Shutt

6. Amy_Shutt_V3_Vimeo

7. box one forty-seven

box one forty-seven

After an unexpected opportunity presents itself, Bill finds a sense of control in taking a hit out on himself. A few nights later he is befriended by a charismatic newcomer to his local bar, only to later face the guile of his recent acquaintance and the reality of his own decisions. This film starring Kevin Rankin and Michael Childers was written, produced, and directed by Christopher M Jones and Jesse S Robinson in 2006 and played in festivals in 2007. Cast Bill - Kevin Rankin Leo - Michael Childers the Bartender - Alan Blumenfeld the Broker - David Ross Patterson the Neighbor - David Alan Graf Crew Director of Photography - Justin Talley Gaffer - Jim White Art Director - John Davis Art Department - Amy Davis Sound Recordist - Eugene Thompson Script Supervisor - Lindsay Cohen Makeup Artist - Erin Loomis Still Photographer - Katrina Umber Catering - Ashley Parker Graphic Design - J.J. Connell Casting Consultants - Peter Robinson & Judy Charney Script Reader - Barton Creeth Editor - Stacy Goldate Composer - Mike Raznick Jukebox Music - Kurt Islet/the astral-terra trapeze unit Sound Editor/Mixer - Matt Degnan Thanks Deanna, Carl, and Sean at The Scene Bar Glendale CA Gavin, Sparky, and Christie at the Mule Glassel Park CA Scott Takemoto at SAG Sean Backus Sean Roach Film Independent Special Thanks Buffy Shutt and Peter Robinson Judy Charney and Marsha Clark Ada Robinson and Ashley Parker for the generous gifts Special Thanks to Screen Actors Guild copyright MMVII j.s. robinson and c.m. jones

8. Sara Bray for Amy shutt Photography's Basic Photo Class

  • Published: 2015-11-24T00:23:53+00:00
  • Duration: 95
  • By Amy Shutt
Sara Bray for Amy shutt Photography's Basic Photo Class

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